Your company counts on you more than ever to ensure continuous operations for its critical facilities to promote high-availability and ensure business continuity. Expectations for improved operational efficiency and maximized equipment investment further increase the challenges for greater performance demands.

SkyTech understands the mission and provides the tools for corporate real estate organizations to take control of their world by employing practical and effective technology solutions that help achieve these high expectations.

A high-performance team lies beneath the surface of your organization waiting to be unleashed. SkyTech delivers results that can release the dynamic potential of your organization and empower you to achieve higher levels of professional excellence.


Most equipment vendors can only deliver solutions within the narrow framework of their specialty and the corporate IT organizations within most companies donít have the knowledge and experience with complex facilities systems to provide adequate support. SkyTech understands the sophisticated systems employed in todayís mission critical facilities and provides the technology that unlocks their full potential allowing your management team to effectively maintain your firmís most critical enterprise assets.

Facilities Monitoring

SkyTech can implement monitoring systems with any number of notification methods to ensure you are informed without delay when system outages and other incidents occur.

Command Centers

SkyTech delivers solutions that can integrate facilities support systems into a single workstation, giving you unparalleled, single-point access to the tools you need for managing and enhancing the performance of your facilities.

Productivity Applications

SkyTech has the expertise and experience to implement effective solutions that improve productivity and efficiency of facilities support systems and personnel through technology solutions.

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